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A little bit of background on our fabulous company.
I-CAN has been born in Italy on a sunny day, sketched on the family kitchen table by Nataly Cnyrim. From the initial design and over time, I-CAN developed into the futuristic trailer it is today. Under Nataly's supervision, I-CAN's childhood has been nurtured by MAGNA and their specialists until near perfection has been achieved.
To come at the right time, to have the right team, to redevelop on your way, to be consistent and persistent gives us a higher chance to succeed. ~Niels Cira (CEO)
In 2012 Nataly and Niels meet in the vibrant city of Bangkok and "clicked" immediately. They decided to take I-CAN out of its childhood and let it run. What has been planned to be a Vehicle sales company has been redesigned to fit it's new purpose. To be a global messenger in every hot spot and interact with "YOU" on all levels.
Meet the Core

Nataly Cnyrim


Niels Cira

CEO and Founder
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